Pick the brains of the Coda Legends
codatricks  is founded by Paul, the legendary Coda Maker and Community Champion. Together with Artem we do
one-off help sessions
build docs for hire


Hey, this is Paul!

We’ve most certainly met in the Coda Community.
You implemented
User-specific filters
because there were no Personal Controls back then. You’ve seen my
Best Practices
series and probably stumbled on some other guides, of which I made plenty. Maybe one of my
1,600+ answers
helped you get going. Or maybe you saw my
chart trick
or the
pizza app
or my
powerful monthly planner
and that’s how you made a decision to settle with Coda.

My skills are best summed up by the Co-Founder and CEO of Coda himself:

Frame (13).png
If I can impress the creator of Coda, imagine what I can do to you!

And this is Artem →

Artem has a strong PM background and is a capable Coda Maker as well. He learned by my standards and is more organized than I am. 😅 That’s why clients love working with Artem on their mission-critical docs.
I know Artem since high school. We were on the same team for university projects and graduated together. We then worked in different companies but ultimately met again for Coda. Now I put him up on all the doc-build-for-hire projects and only jump in when needed.

unnamed (1).png

And here’s what we can do for you:
Want to print your doc?
This is not the way.
Try clicking the ⋯ next to your doc name or using a keyboard shortcut (
) instead.