Building docs for hire
If you don’t have time or resources to build the docs yourself, hire us and we’ll do it right.

Build workflows of any complexity

We’ll give your docs intuitive design, make them future-proof, and ensure they won’t break or slow down over time.

Connect your docs to other apps

We can set up Coda to get the data in and out of your other services with custom packs or automation platforms.

Onboard the team when it’s ready

Any tool is a waste if a team rejects it. We’ll be happy to support your team with their adoption of the docs we make.
There’s plenty of Coda consultants and Makers for hire. So why choose us?

Artem is responsible. I am creative.

Artem is a Product Manager with 8+ years of working with customers. He’ll plan out the project and find the perfect intersection of effort, budget, and speed.
I love tinkering and hacking into things, and putting these discoveries to good use. I don’t keep that knowledge to myself but share openly for everyone to benefit from. Then there’s also copywriting and product design skills and mad attention to details.
Together we can tackle just about any project.

We are Coda pioneers

We were getting clients from the Community before any partner programs existed.
I wrote Coda Best Practices
and now they teach these in the Doctorate. Codans play around with our tricks and the Support Team cites my solutions.
The most impactful discoveries
that opened up new ways to use Coda — it was us who first found and used most of them, and others followed lead.

We come from a strong coding background

No-code hype aside, there’s no denying that a skilled software dev is going to be more efficient at solving problems than a maker with no coding experience.
A non-coder
follows the tutorials and doesn’t risk deviating
can’t quickly adopt new tools, needs time to study
can’t solve non-trivial problems without help
can write a formula
depends on coders to add the functionality they miss
A coder
can find new ways to use the tool because they know how it’s made under the hood
sees common patterns and intuitively picks up new tools in minutes
is the one who helps
can make that formula
20x faster
can build custom packs, write app scripts, and even spin up custom web apps that  connect back to Coda
We aren’t saying every maker should be a coder. On the contrary, so much expertise and fresh perspectives can come from people of various backgrounds.
We are saying, if you’re going to spend $$$ on an expert to make a doc that will run your business, you would expect it to work reliably and fast not only on the demo day but last you months and years and not degrade. You’d want a consultant who’d solve a problem themselves and asap, not send you to the Coda support. You’d want to be sure your expert actually knows what’s secure and
what’s not
. And for non-workbook needs you’d prefer a maker who’ll find a way to make it work, not simply say they can’t.
You can only be sure you get experts like this if you hire the ones who can code.

We speak the common language

We won’t bore you with the geeky stuff. You won’t need a middleman ‘translator’ manager to handle us. In fact, we’d prefer to work with you, the owner, directly.
First we’ll listen you out and learn all about your business as deeply as we can. There will be many stupidly obvious questions — we’re not experts in your trade, after all. 🙂 The more complete picture we get, the better solutions we can suggest.
Then we’ll do our job and communicate the deliverables show you the results. We’ll explain everything to you and make sure you understand it. We won’t use pretentious and complicated lingo to make us look more “pro” but we won’t dumb it down either.
We’re pretty pragmatic, too. We can feel you as a business owner and tell what’s viable and what’s not. We don’t blindly preach for no-code as a whole or any tool in particular. We can actually advise on more than just the tech stuff if you’d be interested in that.

We make docs enjoyable to use

All the tricks in our arsenal serve one cause: ​make intuitive docs that feel like apps and behave in a familiar way.
If you don’t make your docs like that, it won’t matter how much potential you see in Coda yourself. What your team is going to see is yet another spreadsheet software.
We steer our docs as far as possible from that bland spreadsheet look. We won’t just give your users raw tables to edit. Instead we make interfaces that hand-hold them and  control what they can or cannot do in a doc. We heavily use buttons, add validation messages, and know at least five ways to design a data entry UI with Coda alone, each for a different purpose.
Coda customization is limited. We know how to make the most of it, and then some.
A few notable demos:
Edit Images
Viva Pizza
Video Poker
Duplicate finder and merger
Putting out Fires GTD
and this doc itself (so meta!)
We closely follow Coda development, partake in new feature discussions and betas, and are the first to know when something is to launch or break. You can be sure that our docs follow the most recent best practices and won’t cause you trouble.
Like any agency we have a list of things that—

We will do

Build a doc (a system of docs) from ground up
Continue supporting the doc — or better, teach you to do it
Come back to add more features to the docs developed by us
Add features to docs developed by you or someone else — but only if they were built according to our
Best Practices

We won’t do

Collect data for you (data mining) or enter it into tables manually. We can help you automate data flows (e.g. from email invoices into Coda) but we won’t fill out tables by hand.
Extend docs that weren’t built according to our Best Practices. We will either rewrite those from scratch or take them up for
one-off help
only (low-hanging fruit fixes and 2 hours max)
Work on projects related to gambling, drugs, illegal activities, or connected to people and companies under sanctions

If all the above resonates with you — write us at
and we’ll take it from there

Hourly rate: from $190/hr
Billing for productive time only
Free, no-obligations introductory call
Perks if we enjoy working with you! 🙂

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